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For the first time in franchise history, the Cleveland Cavaliers are NBA champions! Cleveland has won its first championship in professional sports for the first time since 27 December 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL championship, this ending a 51-year drought.

The Cavaliers pulled off the biggest upset in NBA history after coming all the way back from a three games to one Finals deficit to defeated the Golden State Warriors by a score of 93 to 89. The Cavaliers eliminate the defending NBA champion Warriors, four games to three, dethroning them from their NBA championship last year.

#23 Forward, LeBron James was awarded the 2016 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. In Game 7, he scored 27 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds.

During the Finals, he scored an average of 29.7 points per game, 11.3 rebounds and 8.9 assists. He scored 41 points in Games 5 and 6, making it the highest scorer in the series. This is LeBron James' third NBA title (two of those with the Miami Heat in 2006 and 2013 and one with the Cleveland Cavaliers) and has the second most titles in NBA history.

The Cavaliers finished the regular season with a 57-25 record and the Golden State Warriors finished the regular season with a 73-9 record, the highest in NBA history. During the playoffs, the Warriors won 15 out of the required 16 games to win an NBA title, totaling 88 games won. The Warriors came so close to winning their second consecutive NBA title, but they could no longer continue the fight against the Cavaliers and ran out of gas.

And now with the Cavaliers' NBA title on their belt, the Golden State Warriors' season has come to a emotional end. With the NBA Finals history, the 2015-2016 NBA season has come to a end. The NBA will go on hiatus for 106 days. The 2016 NBA preseason will begin on Tuesday, 4 October 2016 and the 2016-2017 NBA regular season will begin on Tuesday, 25 October 2016.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for pulling off the biggest upset against the Golden State Warriors and claiming their first NBA title in franchise history.

The Cavaliers are on top of the professional basketball world!
After reading so many journal entries regarding the financial situation at deviantART, the site stands at 40 staff members, down from a peak of 100 due to layoffs in a attempt to cut costs.

What's worse is that so many of us has been abusing the ad blocking software/add-on to a point where it will prevent websites like deviantART from properly generating revenues from advertising. We all realise that that most of us can't afford CORE membership like we have been. Unfortunately, the loss of CORE subscribers (due to explorations, bans/de-activations) and members leaving this site has caused the site to drown in red ink for quite a while. :(

What's worse is that injecting malware and drive-by downloads in ads by cyber-criminals can do more damage and reduce profitability for companies like dA.

And with over 32 million registered members and over 300 million submissions, it is deemed the world's largest online art gallery and community. With that many members and submissions, it's difficult for the company to keep up. That's why dA is trying so hard to remind anyone who can't afford CORE membership to whitelist deviantART.

So far, deviantART has received two funding rounds. DivX invested $3.5 million on 21 June 2007 in Series A and recently on 26 September 2013 as much as $10.04 million by Anthony Saleh, Autodesk and Emagen Investiment Group, Inc.

If deviantART ever runs out of money and is most importantly unable to secure anymore venture capital (VC) funding, the site might not last forever. You know, no business is immune from failure and no company is too big to fail. Something can go horribly wrong and it will someday be the end of it. Other than completely running out of money, there can be financial fraud, lawsuits (Ouch!) that could cause a company to go under.

Here are some interesting articles about the biggest start-up failures of all time:

1. AllTopStartUps
2. CB Insights

Seriously, we all have to enjoy this site and the art...not spread financial drama. Here are some good information on how you can properly protect yourself from malware and virus embedded advertisements (aka malvertising):

1. Dealing with deviantART's Malware and Viruses
2. Reports of Malware and Virus Advertisements

Besides that, I haven't had CORE membership for a while. I was hoping if someone was nice enough to offer me CORE membership again.

By the way, I need to get some exercise. I ate too much. :(
The Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in franchise history and for the first time since 2009 when they eliminated the Detroit Red Wings in seven games.

This happened in Game 6 after the Penguins defeated the Western Conference champion, San Jose Sharks by a score of 3 to 1. The Penguins eliminate the Sharks, four games to two. The San Jose Sharks came so close to forcing a Game 7 only to find that their season has come to a end.

#87 Centre, Sidney Crosby won the Conn Smythe trophy as the Most Valuable Player of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP. During the playoffs, he scored six goals and 13 assists. Throughout the Stanley Cup Final, he also made 3 assists, scored 3 points, 3 hits and 8 shot blocks.

The series-winning goal was scored by #58 Defenseman, Kris Letang with 12:14 remaining in the second period of Game 6.

The 2016 Stanley Cup Final was played at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh and the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

And now that the NHL postseason is over, the 2015-2016 NHL league season has come to a end and the league is on hiatus for the Summer. In about 104 days from now, the NHL will return from hiatus and kick off the 2016 NHL preseason.

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 2016 Stanley Cup champions!

Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals will be tomorrow night at 9 PM EDT on ABC. The defending NBA champion, the Golden State Warriors are looking to close out the defending Eastern Conference champion, the Cleveland Cavaliers, repeat as NBA champions and win their fifth NBA title overall.

On the other side of the coin, since the Warriors are leading the 2016 NBA Finals, three games to one, the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the brink of elimination again! If the Cavaliers want to force a Game 6 on Thursday night, they have to win Game 5. Find out tomorrow if the Warriors will repeat as NBA champions or the Cavaliers live to fight another day.

I'll post another journal update when this happens.
Well, the sign-up phase at the Summer Secret Santa 2016 event is history and Summer vacation has kicked off for most of you. I'm hoping that you're having a good Memorial Day weekend so far

I'm a bit swamped with a bunch of messages and a couple of notes right now. At the request of one person, I decided to feature twelve recent Morrigan Aensland drawings that you'll like in alphabetical order:

1. :iconbelgerles: :pointr: Morrigan Aensland by belgerles
2. :iconbelu-cute: :pointr: Morrigan Aensland - fanart by Belu-Cute
3. :icondenn18art: :pointr: Morrigan Aensland by denn18art
4. :icongreenangel5: :pointr: Morrigan Aensland by GreenAngel5
5. :iconlhxxhd: :pointr: <da:thumb id="609912545"/>
6. :iconihexx: :pointr: <da:thumb id="609153539"/>
7. :iconkaijubrothers: :pointr: Morrigan Aensland by KaijuBrothers
8. :iconlulisluc: :pointr:  Morrigan Aensland by LulisLuc
9. :iconnekofreak: :pointr: Come fly with me by NekoFreak
10. :iconargeve: :pointr: Morrigan  by Argeve
11. :iconsilveirajrart: :pointr: Morigan- Collors by GAM by SilveiraJrArt

12. :iconvinisykes: :pointr: Morrigan Succubus by ViniSykes
Unfortunately, this nice weather isn't going to last too much longer. By the time the calendar changes to the month of June, I'm expecting that sometime next month, the weather is going to start getting really hot and uncomfortable. So, I want to give you a rundown on what has been going on so far.

The first phase of my Summer Secret Santa 2016 event at the :iconsecret-santa-network: has been very successful so far with over 100 participants entering the event! :dance:

However, time is really running out for anyone who is still interested in signing-up for the event and submitting their Summer Secret Santa wishlist. Sign-ups will end Sunday night at 9 PM PDT.

Next Monday, we're gonna be going over the list and organizing pairs. Participants who agreed to participate in the Summer SS2016 event will be receiving notes that they have been assigned to do a drawing for their partner. And after we get the Summer SS2016 partner list all sorted out and hidden from public view, I'll be getting a bit a break for a couple of weeks until the gift submission phase on the 18th of next month...which is literally perfect for anyone who literally has free time during the long Summer vacation.

Anyways, if you missed out on the Summer SS2016 event for any reason whatsoever, you still have a chance to participate in the Christmas Secret Santa 2016 (SS2016) event which will begin on Monday, 29 August 2016. This all depends on how much free time you have when you do your wishlsit and submit gifts around Christmas. Right now, Christmas is more than 30 weeks away.

From there, the schedule for the Christmas SS2016 event will be revealed on Monday, 8 August 2016 and it all depends on how active I will be at that time.
If you haven't had a look at my forum thread "Submitted on" vs. upload timestamps, I have found a way to determine the exact date and time of a deviation (journal or image) that was uploaded by a deviant.

If you only use SeaMonkey, do the following:

1. Download the Preserve Download Modification Timestamp version 2013.05.11.19b installed. I had that extension for over a year and it only works without problems. If you don't have the Preserve Download Modification Timestamp add-on installed, a file that you downloaded will be tied to the RTC (current date and time) on your computer.

2. Download an old deviation onto your computer (2015-04-20 or earlier) and check the upload timestamp of the file that was downloaded by right clicking the file in Windows Explorer.

I had a look at a sample deviation. I downloaded the file on my PC, I took a look at the file and the modification timestamp was 2015-05-19 20:06:36.

3. Look at the source code of the deviation page (right click and select View Page Source), search for the words, "Submitted on", it will have the ts (timestamp) value of 1,420,937,657.

4. By going to the Epoch Converter page, it can convert the epoch to human readable time and date and vice verse. Convert the 1,420,937,657 timestamp and the final result is that I get 2015-01-10 16:54:17 (GMT -8:00), the exact Submitted on timestamp found on deviantART's database.

By using a freeware utility such as Attribute Changer, you will have the opportunity to change the uploaded date of the deviation image to the exact timestamp of the deviation image that was submitted on.

If you have previously saved a deviation image with the wrong upload timestamp or the timestamp on the downloaded deviation was tied to the RTC and the original deviation found on deviantART's servers was either deleted or put in storage, then you're out of luck.

I'm wondering if there is a little GreaseMonkey script that will have the option to display not only the date, but the local time of when the deviation was submitted on or not. :)
I took a look at the :iconsecretsantaexchange: group and found that it's owner, is shutting the group down (or at least leaving the group up for historical purposes).

It's really unfortunate to see this happen. :(

Other groups such as :iconsantas-harem: and :iconsecret-santas: are on the same boat too. Running a Secret Santa group by yourself can be incredibly stressful.

It can take so much energy to run an event annually and the owner has to deal with issues with participants getting assignments from partners and end up dealing with not even getting a gift from someone as well as participants complaining of the way how a Secret Santa group is run.

For me, I can handle the stress of running a Secret Santa group by myself fairly well. Some of the participants who have learned that the SecretSantaExchange is being shutdown can join my Secret-Santa-Network for both the Summer Secret Santa 2016 event (which has less than six weeks left in the sign-up period) as well as the upcoming Christmas Secret Santa 2016 event, which will begin on Monday, 29 August 2016!

The only way to relieve the stress is to go outside and get some exercise! :D
More than a decade ago, I announced that after six seasons and 78 episodes, the Powerpuff Girls would be canceled.


Tomorrow, The Powerpuff Girls which is based on Craig McCracken's programme of the same name, which ran from 18 November 1998 to 25 March 2005 is returning to Cartoon Network.

The new series will be produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros. Television.

Cartoon Network announced on 16 June 2014 that the series would be returning. In the following year, the network announced that the new series would feature new voice actors for the main characters. Amanda Leighton will be the voice of Blossom, Kristen Li will be the voice of Bubbles and Natalie Palamides will be the voice of Buttercup. These new voice actresses will be replacing the original respective voice actors, Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong and Elizabeth G. Daily.

The first season of the rebooted series is expected to have 40 episodes. Earlier this year, there were four internet shorts, "Who's Got the Power?" (aired on 16 February 2016), "Air Buttercup" (1 March 2016), "Bubbles' Beauty Blog but on Video" (8 March 2016) and "Run Blossom Run" (15 March 2016).

What do you think about the reboot of the series?
I sure hope that you're having a good Easter holiday weekend so far. Today is Good Friday. Businesses, schools/colleges are closed on that day ahead of Easter Sunday! :D

I searched for "Summer Secret Santa" on deviantART and here is what I found. Summer Secret Santa dates back to about a decade ago an here's what I found.

Like Secret Santa being focused originally on Christmas related events, the Summer version is the opposite where it's being held in the middle part of the year. As the :iconsecret-santa-network: is focusing on bi-annual events this year, it's where members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift. People feel like they're celebrating Christmas in June/July! :XD:

Unfortunately, here's the problem with Summer-related events as opposed to Christmas-related events:

:bulletred: Most people are finishing up on school/college for the year (including finals/exams) and they almost have no time to do drawing nor have the time to participating in a Summer event, yet we are going into the months of April and May.

:bulletred: Others will most likely be on vacation during the Summer months (June-August period) and will most likely have no time to do a gift drawing at all.

:bulletred: The problem is that unlike Winter, most people will end up having to deal with the Summer heat wave to a point where they don't feel like drawing anything.

It's going to be very difficult to get new and existing members to participate in the Summer Secret Santa event that I'm currently holding right now. If I'm lucky and with the help of contributors and members like you, I'll be glad to get at least 60+ entries by the time the Summer Secret Santa event closes on Sunday, 29th of May. But between now and then, it's gonna take a lot of time and hard work.

Thoughts about this journal anyone?
Incase you haven't already noticed.

The Summer Secret Santa 2016 event at the :iconsecret-santa-network: is underway!

So far in the event's first week, this event has received 11 entries so far and will need at least 25 entries for the event to be a success.

Much like the Christmas and Winter event, this event focuses on the opposite...Summer where are a lot of people will be on Summer vacation when gift drawings are handed out.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please let me know. It only takes a few minutes to get your wishlist up and posted either in the journal on your deviantART account or via group notes. :D
Hello, everyone! :wave:

What a way to celebrate, Leap Day an extra day in the year is that it's time for a journal feature!

I'm featuring abbbu7's artwork and his illustration of fanart characters. If you would like to request a fanart character, head over to his stream. The stream is broadcasted from 7 PM to 9 PM PT (Monday through Friday) and unfortunately, not all drawings will be submitted unless otherwise noticed.

Here are my top five most favourite of his illustrations:

:thumb492861763: :thumb578641905: :thumb559384218:
:thumb569095828: :thumb570533066:

Hopefully, he'll be more active on dA as the year progresses. If you ever though about commissioning him of your OCs, you're always welcome to ask him. :)
I want to give you a heads up that my upcoming Summer Secret Santa event at the :iconsecret-santa-network: is next Monday!

So, what is the Summer Secret Santa event, by the way? Basically, it is a event that is held in the opposite season - Summer as opposed to Winter. Most deviants will be out of school or college for the Summer, giving them more free time during the middle part of the year when they will be finally ready to submit their gifts.

During the next 13 weeks (through Memorial Day weekend), existing members and new member who join my group will have the ability to submit their wishlist of what they would like this Summer. This gives everyone plenty of time as the weather starts getting warmer and daylight starts getting longer.

Sometime on Monday, I will be calling up members to see if they are willing to contribute and co-found this community!

So, are you interested in this Summer Secret Santa event? If so, be ready to submit your wishlist when this upcoming event gets underway! :D
It's all over! The Denver have won their first Super Bowl championship since the John Elway era in 1998. The Broncos pull off an upset against the Carolina Panthers, 24 to 10! With their win, this their third NFL championship in franchise history.

The Denver Broncos, the #1 seed in the AFC finish their season with a 15-4 overall record. The Carolina Panthers, the #1 seed in the NFC finish the year in disappointment with 17 wins and just 2 losses.

#54 Linebacker, Von Miller earned the Super Bowl L MVP award for scoring 6 tackles (5 solo and 1 assist), 2½ sacks and 2 forced fumbles and 1 pass defended.

His stats have denied the Carolina Panthers their first Super Bowl championship in franchise history, infact the Panthers never lead the big game. With a 17-2 record to finish out the NFL season, this is as close as they can come to.

#18 Quarter Peyton Manning, in his final NFL season scored his 200th win of his career. More wins than Brett Favre. Tonight, he scored 13 completions on 23 attempts and rushed for 141 yards at 6.1 yards per attempt. Made 5 tacks with 37 yards lost, made 1 interception and 1 lost fumble. Although it was his best performance, he didn't win the MVP award. Peyton Manning is now retiring.

This year's golden anniversary of the Super Bowl was played at Levi's Station in Santa Clara, California with an attendance record of 71,088. Tonight's National Anthem was performed by Lady Gaga with Joe Montana making the coin toss. This year's halftime show were performed by Coldplay featuring Beyonce and Bruno Mars with Mark Romeo.

The cost of a 30-second commercial during this year's Super Bowl was $5 million.

And now with Super Bowl L history, the 96th NFL season has come to a close. The NFL will now go into the off-season for 181 days until the start of the 97th NFL season which will begin on Sunday, 7 August 2016 at the very earliest with the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for pulling off an upset against the Carolina Panthers! The Broncos are the champions of the National Football League.
The gift extension period has ended and one of my former participants has now been kicked out and as a consequence will not be allowed to participate next year.

The Secret Santa of gift giving is coming to a end. Free gifts can't last forever though. I would like to show you about this old article that PamzyLove posted called, "SAY NO TO FREE ART" and I have some thoughts about this issue.

It's always nice once in a while to offer one gift drawing...whatever it's for me or for someone else. However, I hate to say this, but other than Secret Santa events, there can be downside effect to offering free's how much time there is for a artist who only likes to draw as a hobby.

When a artist is really busy and has absolutely no free time for anything, it can be such a hard decision to make. I personally believe that this decision to not off one free gift drawing due to lack of time can only be seen as fair, but not excessive as others might think.

For professional artists, that can be a different story. Professional artists do tend to make a lot of money doing art and it takes a lot of hard work to get it done and stay in business. Speaking of business, deviantART should remind its users to turn off their ad-blocker.

One website did just that and it's forcing malware to be installed on computers! :stare:

Again, it's time to start watching what we type here. We all got to start playing fair and not excessive in who has time for one free gift and who does not. If you were left out of being a volunteer Secret Santa, I don't know if you'll have the time to do one free gift drawing or not. I mean doing Secret Santa events by myself and DruidPeter can put so much energy on me and to some extent with future Secret Santas, it can put a huge toll on things.

Anyways, if you are interested in joining the art bundle raffle, head over to RocketPancake's journal entry:

ART BUNDLE RAFFLEAs a celebration of my return to DA (and my Partnering with Smith Micro MangaStudio ) - I will be giving away this bundle through a raffle on where you can join HERE ->   ""
*PSD Assets of My Ghost In The Shell Painting 
*Video Process + HD Video of the Tribute
NOTE -bundle will be available through downloadable content
Raffle Will Run At 37 Days and it will randomly pick an entry and you will be contacted on your social media that you have used to enter - ex if twitter , youtube , facebook and etc etc.

The raffle will run for up to 37 days (that's more than a month). So, if you have time, please join in the fun! :D
Wow that was a photo finish to the 2015 NCAA Division I FBS season. The #2 Alabama Crimson Tide has pulled off the biggest upset against the previously undefeated #1 Clemson Tigers last night. The Tigers defeated the Crimson Tide by a score of 45 to 40. The college football season ends with no undefeated teams remaining. The Crimson Tide finished the year at 14-1 while the Tigers with their first and only loss of the season also finish the year at 14-1.

The Crimson Tide is the second programme to win four national titles in a seven season span (Notre Dame, 1943-1949) and this is their 16th national title overall. This is also Nick Saban's 5th national title overall and his 100th win, second all-time to Bear Bryant with 6. This is all the Crimson Tide's 11th title in the Poll Era (since 1936); most titles of any team.

How did they get to the CFP National Championship? In the 2015 Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, the first national semifinal game, the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide eliminated the #3 Michigan State Spartans by a score of 38 to 0. In the 2015 Capital One Orange Bowl, the second national semifinal game, the #1 Clemson Tigers eliminated the #4 Oklahoma Sooners, 37 to 17.

The 2016 CFP National Championship Game Offensive MVP was awarded to #88 TE O.J. Howard, Jr. He earned the award for scoring 5 receptions, rushing for 208 yards for a average of 41.6 yards per reception. 63 longest yards and scored 2 touchdowns. The 2016 CFP National Championship Game Defensive MVP was awarded to #4 SS Eddie Jackson, Jr. who only earned the honours for scoring 3 tackles and 1 interception.

The 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship Game was held in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona with 75,765 people attending the game.

With the exception of the All-Star Bowl games later this month, College Football has headed into the off-season. The College Football season will begin anew on Thursday, 1 September 2016.

for now, congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide, the champions of college football!
Hey there! :wave:

First of all, I sure hope that you had a wonderful holiday break! Christmas and the new year has come and went, it's time to start getting rid of the Christmas lights and taking the Christmas tree now. Students have gone back to school/college since this Monday.

I would like to focus on this issue on why can it be hard to run a Secret Santa event?

Secret Santa as you may know is a Western Christmas tradition in which participants of a group or a community are randomly assigned to a partner to whom they anonymously give a gift according to this Wikipedia article. From the beginning, it takes a lot of work to get members to participate in a Secret Santa event and it's all in the marbles.

1. Interest and wishlist entries

It all depends if a person has the time to do participate in a Secret Santa event or not and if they don't, there always welcome to decline the invitation.

Members who participate in a Secret Santa event have the ability to write their wishlist and put it either in their journal entry or group note or place their wishlist in a blog outside deviantART.

As more and more participants have the interest to join a Secret Santa event, the number of gift submissions will start increasing and become a successful event.

2. Assignments

After sign-ups close, participants are assigned randomly to a partner who will be doing the gift drawing for. Participants have as much as more than a month...possibly more time to  work on the gift drawing and submit it to the group by the deadline.

3. Turning in your gifts

What's getting in the way is personal IRL issues, being busy, ill, injured, having issues with your computer or totally forgot, this can throw a monkey wrench at completing the gift drawing.

Like I said before, if a participant was unable to complete the gift drawing by the original due date, then a one-week extension request has been granted. If a participant makes excuses or fails to complete the gift drawing without notification in advance, then they're risking a ban from a Secret Santa event being held next year.

Today, I had to send the last remaining participants a note informing them to turn in their gifts before it's too late. I understand that you need to stop nagging me over and over to complete the gift drawing, but guess what? I'm NOT going to be sending out notices to late participants anymore.

If you violate the one-week extension (fail to complete the gift drawing without notification in advance), I will ban you from next year's Secret Santa 2016 event! If your soon-to-be giftless partner personally notes me or my Secret-Santa-Network group, I will look up your former participant's name up on the list and give them boot!

If you are personally wondering why you are going to be banned from SS2016 contention, it's because:
:bulletred: You had had plenty of early as the day before Thanksgiving to tell us that you will be late in submitting your present.
:bulletred: You were lazy, procrastinating and totally ignored my warnings, completely disappeared from the internet, you were way too busy, your internet service provider cut you off or went out business completely! This is obviously a big red flag.
:bulletred: I've said this crystal clearly in the past and I will keep saying this over and over again. I take Secret Santa events that I hold very seriously and it's absolutely NOT fair if you get a present from your giftee and your giftee does not.

I'll tell you what. If you want to be a participant, the only way that you can appeal your punishment is that you need to send your giftee an apology drawing. You have to put 100% effort into it. It has to be coloured and with a background and you have until the first Sunday in February to get it done (this year, it's the 7th of February). Since it's past the late extension due date, it won't be submitted to the group. Now, if you make excuses, backtalk at me or fail to complete the drawing by the time a new Super Bowl champion of the NFL is crowned, it's NOT going to suffice and you'll stay banned for next year! I really mean it!

If for any reason you have completed an apology gift, please note me and I will let you in for next year.

4. Conclusion

Running a Secret Santa group by myself along with DruidPeter can put a lot of unneeded stress from late participants and other participants who had to be reminded to complete the drawing before gift submissions close.

For some who have ever participated in their only Secret Santa event, this may be a once in a lifetime event for them as so many artists do not have the free time to do free or even paid commissions.

Later this year, I will be recruiting some of my participants who are willing to contribute and co-found SSN.

Thank you for reading!

If you don't understand this or have any questions, please hit me up via comments or notes. :D
First journal entry of the new year...2016!

Let this new year be great for everyone! :hug:

Alaska has already welcomed the new year, Hawaii, American Samoa and the United Stated Minor Outlining Islands are the last locations that are still in 2015 right now.

As Winter vacation for most of you are winding down, I sure hope that you had a great holiday season and look forward to the new year! :D
I would like to kindly thank everyone for the birthday wishes! :hug: It really means a lot to me. :love:

Well...that does it! This is going to be final journal entry for the year 2015! After earning as much as over 1,500:points: over the last couple of years, the 600:points: have been given to the kiriban winners and I gave all of the 907:points: to ronggo! I may have to give the remaining 93:points: to cover up the cost of a point commission.

I will have to start 2016 over with no points. I'm completely broke now and will have to start earning points again.

Meanwhile, have a look at this website, Back to the Future Day. In a few hours from now, the Present Time will NOT display 2016 at all! Instead, you are going to get a 500 Internal Server Error! :laughing:

Happy New Year, everyone and I'll see you in the year 2016!
Call me extra large (XL), but I'm getting old and too creaky to keep using deviantART. :(

Anyone have any time for birthday giftart of my characters or a core membership? Hit me up!

I will be officially turning 40 years old this Thursday. And unfortunately, since so many deviants do not have the free time for free commissions, art trades or gifts...I'm looking to get rid of all of my points and start the new year over.

Here's a link to the forum thread if anyone is interested:…