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Okay, after a couple of weeks, nearly 6,000 deviation messages in a folder from earlier this year have been cleared up and I'm pretty much caught up for a while. Anyways, this is another follow-up to my previous journal entry from last week and it's about a story of how my Mechapuff character got so popular and the art associated with it.

:bulletred: History
On 20 March 2003, a user named Poet at the defunct PpGU Oekaki made a quick "Mechanical Powerpuff" that took only 14 minutes to complete. The drawing was an attempt to "keep the oekaki moving along". Hence the name, "Mechapuff"...the acronym for "Mechanical Powerpuff".

I though the drawing that he did well over a decade ago was pretty cute to a point where I was interested in drawing that character of his.

Mechapuff by ppgrainbow

In April 2004, prior to signing up for deviantART, I made my first attempt at doing Mechapuff. Unfortunately, the drawing was small, sloppy and unfinished. The biggest reason why Mechapuff was designed in 2003, is when Poet first created the character out of boredom.

Mecha by starchiishio Mechapuff by xcrestfallen

That's where things started to take off.

The only two drawings that was done by other deviants prior to becoming a deviant. First it was the Mechapuff portrait by starchiishio and the second one was the Mechapuff portrait drawing done by xcrestfallen.

Mechapuff 2 by ppgrainbow

Another attempt at doing a full body drawing of Mechapuff was completed in late November 2004. Believe me, I sucked at shading and detailing the hair properly.

MechaPuff by SockArmy MechaPuff by Pechan

In early 2005, I asked Pechan as well as SockArmy to do a drawing of my Mechapuff character at my oekaki board. I was increasingly pleased with the way how my character was drawn in anime style.

Kiriban 30k - Pic 1 by Lia-Amari 20K Kiriban- Mechapuff by shortpinay

I've gotten two kiribans in late 2005 to early 2006 regarding the request of my character from shortpinay and Lia-Amari respectively. The artistic style shown a significant improvement of how she looked at that time.

Mechapuff 3 by ppgrainbow

In late-December 2006, I took the opportunity to redesign my Mechapuff character for the first time. Holes were added in her corset outfit, blue and red tips of her hair were added also. The biggest drawback and regret is that Mechapuff's old hairstyle sucked even though the rest of her Powerpuff anatomy came out okay. Most importanly, Mechapuff's boobs were larger.

Mechapuff again XDDDD by kakochan PPGR's Mechapuff by SockArmy

The redesign of my Mechapuff character was a significant apporach that prompted artists to either redraw my beloved Mechapuff character or in a newer style as other artists improved over the years. The drawings shown above are are from other artists and are from late 2006 to early 2007.

Ultema and Mechapuff by ultema Mechapuff  for Ppgrainbow by Ayhe Mechapuff by Spellcatcher Gift for pgrainbow by VaneaXC

2009 was a significant year for my Mechapuff OC. In June of that year, ultema completed the poster illustration of "Ultema and Mechapuff" as a requested drawing. It was the only illustration to receive over 100 favs at the time. It seems that the drawing of my Mechapuff character by other artists at the time took a semi-realistic turn.

:bulletred: Current Design
Mechapuff 2010 by ppgrainbow

This is the current design of my Mechapuff character. The design is more than four years old and I haven't had the time to redesign her at all. I have attempted to redesign her almost two years ago and hadn't had the time to redesign her since then.

The description in the artist's comments below tell all about it.

Mechapuff Bikini Reference by ppgrainbow Mechapuff Valentine by ppgrainbow

As my Mechapuff character continued to increase populuarity, I had designed her in other outfits. Most notabily in her bikini outfit as well as her lingerie outfit.

:bulletred: Other Mechapuff Characters
Due to the increased popularity of my Mechapuff character, so far, I have created three of her other siblings.

Mechapuff R2 by ppgrainbow

The design of my Mechapuff charcter with red hair and a different coloured outfit design was based on imariyumiki's drawing. Created in late-October 2009, she is the second generation Mechapuff character as she is several years younger. Her hair flows down to her hips and her boobs are slightly larger than Mechpauff. She is currently the tallest Mechapuff character.

One of the most popular Mechapuff related deviations ever is the Mechapuff R2 drawing done by ilolamai in January 2010 :pointr: Commission:Mechapuff R2 by ilolamai

Mechapuff R3 by ppgrainbow

Mechapuff R3, created in December 2010 is the third generation Mechapuff character, is something that you don't want to mess with. She is severely short tempered, is a bloodless amputee with parts of her right arm gone with bandages ripped into shreads. Damage to other parts of her body are also shown. The cause of the damage to her body is unknown at this time.

Mechapuff R4 by ppgrainbow

So far, one of the latest generations of Mechapuff characters created in January 2012 is my Mechapuff R4 character. Mechapuff R4 is the shortest of all Mechapuff characters, she is cheerful and likeful about her attitude towards other characters.

:bulletred: Future
As you may have already noticed before. I was going to attempt to redesign my Mechapuff character once again for the first time in over four years and create my upcoming Mechapuff R5 character. However, since I last drew my Mechapuff R4 character, things have been increasing rough.

I regret to not only being lazy at times, I also admit that I had hadn't had the time to draw. Infact, there are concerns that I may have totally lost interest in drawing.

I regulary make posts in the Projects Forum kindly asking for requests and at one point, point commissions. However, I have been restricting point commissions to kiriban prizes lately. The most common characters that I like to ask drawing are humanoid versions of Mechapuff or the Mechapuff R2 characters. I admit that it has been in a endless cycle at times. However, we're all gonna have to understand that with tens of thousands of submissions (including artwork and journals) every day, deviantART is just simply too large to go through.

However, with almost 800 total submissions of my Mechapuff characters and/or its variants, this is one of the reasons why I have been asking for requests in self-moderation for as much as over a decade! If the requests are closed, I'm always willing to pay in points where it is being offered...otherwise, I would back away and move on.

Unfortunately, with Summer vacation coming to a close, it's always a good idea to start cutting down on requests made by OPs and request offers, if not do them at all.

I wish that I had the time to explain more about the personality behind my Mechapuff characters, but I will have to do them at a later date.

Thoughts anyone?
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Hello! :wave::heart:

I'm been a deviant for so long. What I like here is interact on this site and make friends as much as possible. During my time away from deviantART, I do like to draw as a hobby. Nothing too much to say here right now.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The drawings that you see can be used for personal use only.

Any re-submission of the drawings that I uploaded, including but not limited to, the drawings done by other artists for me and as well as my original works on this account (either on deviantART or on other websites) without the express prior written consent from me and other artists who I commissioned with is considered image theft and is strictly prohibited.


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